Aki's Profile

Music is a very important self-expression tool for me.
I was singing and playing my mother's piano freely as long as I can remember. 

At the age of 5, I started taking piano lessons.
Besides piano, I learned percussions in middle school brass band for 3 years.
When I was studying at the music conservatory / high school in Mito, Japan, I joined a rock band as 

keyboardist/singer/songwriter and performed at local live house and clubs.
I continued my musical education at Nihon University College of Art where I obtained
B. A. in Piano Performance.

I moved to the U.S. in 1990 to attend the Musician’s Institute of Technology in Hollywood
and landed the position of a keyboard player for the world famous singer Andy Williams.
I’ve been on his world tours, TV / Radio shows, music videos as well as his regular shows.
I also have worked as a composer / arranger in the projects including a TV animation and a dance team competition.

I love teaching music! I actually learn so much from teaching.
It is my pleasure to share my knowledge and experiences with the students and watching them grow!
I'd like all my students to discover how wonderful of a gift it is to be able to express themselves
through playing and creating music.         
​​​​​​​​​​Aki's Performance of 
"Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrnce" 
written by Ryuichi Sakamoto
at a spring recital held on
April 22nd, 2017


Written, arranged by Aki Saito

​Copyright© 2004 by Aki Saito
All Rights Reserved

In A Sentimental Mood​​​ 

​Arranged By Aki Saito

My Philosophy

At my studio, I'd like all students to learn music not because they have to, but because they want to.
Everybody is unique and talented in some ways.
I would try to find the rough diamond in each student and encourage him or her to polish it so they can shine!
When students are confident about themselves, they are willing to work hard and improve quickly.
That positive cycle will lead the students to be successful in learning music.

Classical Music
Classical music is the fundamental of all.
Learning the traditional technique, reading and the music theory 
will become a helpful tool to understand and explore any kind of music genres.

​​​Contemporary Music
You will learn not only how to play your favorite Popular songs, Jazz & Blues, but also Jazz theory, improvisations, compositions and
piano arrangements in all kinds of styles & genres.

Every summer, the students get oppotunities to write the original music in our studiowide S ongwriting Project !

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